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happy birthday little brother
August 5, 2008, 12:20 am
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Today is my little Brother’s 21st Birthday! Wow that makes me feel old. Hopefully at the end of the week he will be in town visiting. I remember when I turned 21 I thought wow I will be old when my brother turns this age. Wow how time has flown by.

Just so everyone will know I am very much over this 100+ degree weather. Is it October yet? I am very much longing for the days of chilly weather. Seeing this lovely Cardigan made me sad that cold weather is still a few months away. Cant wait for the day I can put on my jean jacket or a cardigan, it will be glorious.Isnt this green lovely.

A blog I read lately… the people from Mates of State it’s cute they always put funny pictures up of them and there kiddos on tour.Funny read and it kills some time when it’s slow at wk. shhh keep that part quiet.

Anyone know who originally wrote Flowers on the wall? Nancy Sinatra sings it and that is the first person I heard sing it, but aparently 2 country bands did it as well. Guess I should go look that up. Guess that’s what I will do now.


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