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lucky for me
August 20, 2008, 12:45 am
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  This lovley owl was bought for me by one of my Best Friends Jessica. Isn’t it glorious. What a pal she is it weighs alot and it’s in my house now looking lovely as ever.

My vacation was nice and much needed. Saw some friends from out of town came and visited me before I went back home.Saw a few good shows while I was off Koufax/Smoking Popes went to eat dinner with them all really nice guys. My  friend Cody texted me and he is in Koufax and he said that they hungout with Morrise, how exciting is that? 100 Damned Guns/Whiskey Folk Ramblers also another awsome show. Hungout with friends and family back home and saw my kitty Bernard. 

Wilco Eyeing Spring ’09 For New Album

Wilco hopes to have its seventh studio album out by spring 2009, frontman Jeff Tweedy told Albany, N.Y., radio station WAMC recently.

After opting for a highly performance-oriented recording approach on 2007’s “Sky Blue Sky,” Tweedy says he expects Wilco will “allow ourselves a little bit more leeway in terms of sculpting the sound in the studio and doing overdubs and using the studio as another instrument. Last time around, it was more of a document.”

At recent live shows, Wilco has played two new songs: “One Wing” recalls the melancholy, slowly building “Sky Blue Sky” closer “On and On and On,” while “Sunny Feeling” has a sly main riff in keeping with loose jams from the last album such as “Walken.”

Tweedy told WAMC he’s going through a phase where he “kinda hate[s]” all of Wilco’s six prior albums, because “none of them are a statement that I would be comfortable making right now at this point in my life. They all served their purpose, and in that respect I’m proud of all of them.

“But as something that feels artistically in keeping with who I am today, I think that they are inevitably going to fall short of that as time goes on. I mean, they just don’t continue to mean the same things to me, and a new record is kind of where it’s at.”

Prior to the release of “Sky Blue Sky,” Tweedy told Billboard that a number of unfinished songs from those sessions would potentially form the basis for the next album, but it is unknown if they remain in consideration at this point.

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Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

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Dang, didn’t realize that owl was so freakin big. It is out of control! How in the world did you even get that thing into your car?

Comment by Darlin

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