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reuse- bag it
August 31, 2008, 6:19 pm
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I try to carry my tote bags to the store as much as I can, but not always do I have one with me. So I cant say that I am 100% with not getting grochery bags from the store. If I dont have my tote bags I try and use the least amount of bags as possible. So I saw this article in

You’ve gotta love a retail industry that rises to the challenge of global warming. Lately stores have been anointing their customers (and themselves) with eco-ointment in the form of reusable cloth bags. Trader Joe hipsters carry them, and please don’t shop for chevre and marcona almonds at Whole Foods without one of its signature green bags.  (Incidentally, haven’t we always had tote bags? And weren’t they often free? Maybe we should simply rebrand them with a Sharpie and the words “I’m Greener Than Thou.”)

The right cloth bag tells the world a little bit about you, from your carbon footprint to your affiliation with other tasteful consumers. Witness green number (below) on display recently at an Anthropologie store in Manhattan. (I don’t see it at the chain’s website, although I did find a $28 “Green Is Good” version.) 

Well, I can top a feel-good bag from a feel-rich chain. While walking around upper Manhattan last week, I spied a reusable bag (above) artfully deposited with the outgoing trash in front of a certain store on Madison Avenue. I snapped it up and am pleased to report that every time I carry it I get lots of approving smiles from passersby who clearly admire my eco spirit. Vive l’ecologie. written by Deborah Baldwin 

This story did have a good point I thought.


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