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carve a pumpkin
October 14, 2008, 8:59 pm
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Today I found this random picture of a Giant Pumpkin that had been carved into a face. It’s funny looking sitting with the dogs. So far no luck with finding a pattern for my Pumpkin carving, the quest will continue. Hopefully my Halloween costume will come in the mail this week. Im anticipcaiting its arrival. Last night Ryan Adams played

In other news tonight is the Magnetic Fields show I am so excited. Lisa saw them play last night and she said ” it was so quiet I didnt even want to cough.

Do you ever feel sometimes like people are not hearing what you are saying to them? Like they need to get a freaking clue. Just had to ask.


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I found some pumpkin patterns that I liked but I need to buy the right carving tools cause using knives and stuff doesn’t work too well.

Comment by sarah c.

predator pumpkin!! 🙂

Comment by calvin

Comment by calvin

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