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so the sun goes down and the world goes dancing
October 17, 2008, 9:17 pm
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of course these were taken from my phone on my camera and they are not so great. We all know that it wil be forever before I upload the pictures to my computer off my camera. AMAZING would be the word that comes to mind about The Magnetic Fields show.The show was sooo quiet it was like watching a play and not being at a show. For less then one song Stepehn Merrit told people to sing along and that was only for the one song other than that it was silent. I am very very very happy I was able to see them live. Unfortunately one of my friends Dave ,was not as lucky he came down with Bronchittis and gave up his ticket which sucks for him since we had got the tickets months ago. Ronnita ended up getting the ticket and going with me. You were not suppose to take pictures at the show so I have one crappy camera phone picture that is blurry of them onstage.

Yesterday Matt and I went to a Pumpkin Patch of sorts, by that I mean it wasn’t really where Pumpkins grow but they had so many rows of different sized pumpkins it felt like one.It was alot of fun I took pictures but of course on my camera camera. Matt got 2 pumpkins of good size, and I got one big one to carve and one small one to put inside my house. Matt’s pearl snap shirt kinda matched the pumpkins but wasnt as orange haha.

In other news Lisa was suppose to come to visit this weekend but sadly isn’t anymore, hopefully she will be here to visit sooner than later. Also I got my Halloween Costume stuff In the mail wahoo! Just need one more thing for my costume and all will be ready.


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