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pumpkins everywhere/ I like to ride my Bicycle
October 27, 2008, 4:55 pm
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 So despite last night not being chilly which I wish it would have been, Matt and I carved our Pumpkins. Carving Pumpkins needs to be done in the cold but were are starting to run out of time to carve them plus I have been wanting to do so ever since we bought the Pumpkins like 2 weeks ago.  Mine you cant see all that well and of course I took more pictures with my real camera. Mine is suppose to be a Sugar Skull Pumpkin which I am proud to say I drew on myself even if it doesnt look all that good I still like it. Matt did the Bats which I was excited about since I was like that bat one looks neat. They had a really neat Where the Wild Things Are pattern online but it would have taken forever to do and we started kinda late.

In other news Saturday night some of us went to see a Queen cover band play. Which I was exctied about because back Home they had a Queen cover band callled Queen for a Day who use to play and I always missed them, so when I saw the Magnifico was playing saturday I had to go. Fun would be the word to say here, I was amazed the leadsinger even had on a Leotard which was funny. He was a very animated leadsinger which is good because you can never get bored when watching them. I highly recommend seeing them play.

Need to get my peticoat done tonight for my costume. how exciting!


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