lazy I know

I have been very horrible about updating my blog lately. This past week I was sick, still getting over it my throat doesnt want my voice back for some odd reason. Over the course of 2 days I put up my Christmas Tree, I know people say not until after Thanksgiving but I cant help it I like to have mine up a tad early, you might as well get the most out of having it up. Might I add that it does look lovely. Last night was a good time got a little bit of dancing in. Gabe and Marcos were in town and they did some lovely DJing with a few other guys, played some good soul sweet Soul Music. It was fun.Wish we had more nights like that. Have today and tommorow to wk then I am heading back home for a few days, for Thanksgiving. Which it will be nice to see the Family and get my allergy shot. I know Richelle is dying to get her Wedding Photos that I took forever to get ready.Sorry I took forever with those.


kk and bbq

Good ol car is in the shop. No bueno is what comes to mind. Lucky for me, everyone keep your fingers crossed I will be getting it out tommorow because being carless is not fun by any means. Last night Amarie and I went to see King Kahn and BBQ. It was a good time except for some Jerks who were drunk and getting a little out of control. Other than that it was fun. We induldged in some yummy bad for you Pizza after words. Odly I dont have much to say today.

things are looking up

obama-cupcakes If our new President is being made out of Cupcakes I will take this as things are looking up! Today looking at the Cupcake blog I read I came across this. If this isnt exciting I don’t know what is. Tonight I am going to see Calexico play which is awsome I have never seen them play, after this morning getting off to a rough start I am glad tonight will hopefully make up for it.

oh ralph


Today is Karate Kid’s Birthday also known as Raplph Macchio. He is 47 yrs old which I had no clue at all. As a young child I thought he was closer to my age then he actually is, aparently I was wrong. He was the first guy I ever had a crush on haha.


obama Happy Voting Day! Hope everyone has gone to vote and doesn’t have to battle with the long lines today. What is going on tonight is anyone around here having a Election night get togeather? I am excited and scared all at the same time that this day is finally upon us. Hope America doesn’t let us down this time around.

Lucy I am home

 My trip back home was lovely. Friday night we took Jackson for his first Trick or Treating. It was a blast he looked so adorable in his Cookie Monster costume which he got chocolate on because he had to have a piece while trick or treating. Jack is the son of Jessica which the one dressed up as Velma. Then Darlin, Jessica and Krissy and I went to see Whiskey Folk Ramblers and Wayne the Train and that was fun. A lady came up to me and asked me If I would take a Picture with her Brother for their mom since she is a huge fan of I love Lucy. I had a blast beside my wig annoying me. Saturday hungout with my mom, saw my brother and 2 of my Grandmas. Saturday night Darlin, Lisa and I went to Nichole’s Birthday party in Dallas and it was a costume Party so had to keep on the goofy wig again. I did get to draw Darlin’s Frenchman Moustache on which was fun. We stayed up till like 4 in the morning sitting on Lisa ‘s lovely porch which is always fun. Then we watched You Tube Videos sunday morning and the Mighty Boosh which is really freakin funny. All in all a lovely Halloween weekend.  Dont think I will pick anymore costumes with wigs. People kept saying oh you look good with red hair haha.