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oh christmas and oh funny dentonites
December 3, 2008, 8:50 pm
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This post cracked me up so I am posting it. Today I thought I would go look at which is denton rock city. Mike Seman of the band posted this and his post are always funny.

You say “Holiday Season.”

I say…

“Reason to drink Champagne, drink egg nog, rock sweater vests, collectively ignore work responsibilities, watch movies with Cary Grant in them, watch Charlie Brown specials, listen to the Less Than Zero soundtrack again for the awesome covers by the Bangles and Slayer. Heck read the book one more time as well. Look back upon your life and assess whether or not you’ve reached your goals for the year, if you’ve done all you could do to improve yourself and the world around you, and then, when you realize you’ve failed miserably… Drink More Champagne! A time to send real BBQ sauce to your relatives in the cold and unfeeling Northeast who still think Texas may or may not be its own country. A time for driving out to Denton Crossing because it’s not like 800 degrees in the poorly designed parking lot ocean and on the way there sing along at top volume with Andy Williams or Tony Bennett as they swing through another Christmas classic. Go to World Market and sit in expensive leather chairs and read the backs of candy bars from England, maybe buy a vase that an anthropology professor would own, perhaps a bottle of Bogle’s Petit Syrah. On the way back to your bohemian art ghetto pad, stop off at the hotel bar and have an anonymous cocktail with anonymous people, striking up conversations of snow and winters past. Or… invite your friends to meet you there for a glass of Champagne and talk of which movies y’all will see over the break. Maybe a story or two about sprawling misdeeds in downtown Ft. Worth under Christmas light spectaculars. Once home… have a glass of wine as a night cap with your significant other and then dive under warm blankets for a luxurious sleep… because the next day brings tree lighting festivities on the Courthouse lawn… and that is a whole other day of sweaters, Christmas music, friends, and, of course, cocktails for all.”

So, you know… TOmato… toMATO


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