lovely weekend


This lovely picture was taken yesterday. Rhonda and George came to town and we went around to some of the Record Stores in town. Then as you can see when George left Rhondaand I  to roam S.Congress we went to some stores including the lovely candy store and this is what happened. George came out of the Record store and Rhonda and I were wearing our wax lips.The candy store ws so neat it looks all old timey inside. We went to dinner with Will J, Dave, Brandon and Michelle at Polvo’s which I had never eatten at, it was delish and they have amazing salsa. I had leftovers today for lunch from dinner since I partook in the amazing salsa a little more than I should.

Saturday night Sarah and I went to see the Old 97’s it was PACKED. It was a really awsome show. Some drama was had and I almost got in a fight with some tool who threatened to hit me if his GF wasnt with him, but I stood my ground and plus some man behind me told that guy to turn around. So that mean man finally wasnt a jerk and him and his gf quit making out. It was more in depth but I dont feel like typing it all out.We also had a drunk soccer mom next to us. So it was an intresting night. Hopefully I didn’t freak Sarah out to much with getting into a argument with mean yucky guy. Oh I got into a wreck on Christmas Eve. My car is a little messed up but no major damage and Im fine and no one else was involved. Damn those slippery roads.


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