rydenobammmmhello_kitty_cake_17Who wouldn’t want this cake. Hello Kitty Zombie Cake. Very nice indeed, Ronnie maybe we can get you this cake for your Birthday. I like it so much maybe we can both have it haha. Today it is very very cold outside, heck Im still cold and Im inside but of course no one else in the store is cold go figure. This weekend I will be going home to visit and I’m excited.Shae’s Bachlorette Party is saturday night so that should be alot of fun get to see all my friend’s I dont see often. Friday night I am going to try and make it to Denton for a show that I want to see of some local bands. Then sunday going to try and swing by and see papa and grandma mona on my way out of town. Check in on him since he just got out of the hospital on monday.Who want’s to buy me the Mark Ryden Picture shown above Hello Kitty? It is a mere $500 dollars and all the proceeds go to the President Obama Campaign Fund. The painting is called “The Pumpkin President and only 500 were made.


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