mark ryden has done it again

yhwhMark Ryden’s first toy can you say glorious! It’s called YHWH.


1100 springs

Last night I saw 1100 springs. It was a really good show, they played with a band called two hoots and a holler. I danced a few different times with 2 different people which was fun,but alas I can’t really country dance so that was kinda sad. I need to learn to country dance so I dont make a fool of myself again. It was a good time I always enjoy 1100 springs. So I have been meaning to get out my quadcam and go shoot some pictures with it but havent had the chance lately. Maybe on my days off I will if its sunny out . I bought a 4 pack of film for SXSW and ended up using my digital camera instead. Sorry I never posted anything on SXSW but ImĀ  sure only like 3 people read my blog and I verbally told them about SXSW, since I have been horrible with updating my blog. 21

small stakes

ted-leoaasetThese 2 posters I want. I am really into thisĀ  Artist Small Stakes he does some amazing art work and he will be at the Flatstock Poster event during SXSW which is awsome, I saw him last year as well. Not that I need another screen print poster to save my life but if he had these I may just have to buy them. I have 2 days off togeather this week and I have to get my Apartment in tip top order for my SXSW guest that will be coming in next week. How exciting it will be. Last night Sarah and I went to dinner with Carlos and Louis and some other people last night for Polvos it was a good time they have delish Salsa.