baking sleeve

bakeToday I was reading the cupcake blog that I read and I came across this. Beautiful is the word that comes to mind when I saw it.A full sleeve dedicated to baking!



Tuesday night went skating for the 3rd time since I moved here to sunny Austin Texas.
Dana,Sarah, Linz and I went and had some fun and none of us fell. We went and had some delish food@ Triumph Cafe. They have good spring rolls.Glad Dana suggested that instead of the Mexican Food I thought I wanted. Mexican food before RollerSkating would have been a bad idead.These lovely photos are stollen from Dana’s Blog.I was too scared to carry my camera,was afraid I would fall on it.s1s2s3s4s5

origins wolverine


Last night I saw Origins Wolverine. It was good. I had been waiting on this movie to come out for some time now. Everyone should go see it I believe, even if you are not a big Comic Book person. It sure as heck doesnt hurt that a few men in this movie are cute. Personally I have had a crush on Wolverine since the first X Men movie.

My allergies are going nuts and making me tired alot I wish they would stop. It has been  a bit since I had one  of my allergy shots, need to make my way back to Denton and get one.

So the ACL List was announced this week.Personally I am excited about it Andrew Bird is playing and this makes me very happy even if I have already seen him play at SXSW this year but I could see him play everyday and be thrilled just like the first time. Several good bands playing this year. Gotta get my ticket.