This is Matt and I at ACL. Me looking all goofy with my messy hair. It was a really awsome weekend, minus the heat could have done without that but I had 5 snocones over the course of the 3 days to try and keep cool. While I was at ACL I bought a Parasol to block out some of the sun, which I was excited about. My top bands were David Byrne because he is just amazing and he had a group of dancers behind me all dressed in white, Fleet Foxes they sounded just like they do on the record AMAZING and Alisson Kraus with Robert Plant. Saw so many good bands this weekend that I almost cant even remember who all I saw. Finally got to see Drive by Truckers and Iron and Wine those would be in my top five Performances. Took a few pictures which you know I hardly post if they are not the ones taken from my phone. Got a really nice watch tan line, even with my sunblock 50. Made some new friends, and some new blisters on my feet. Had an amazing time. For my first ACL you could say I got really lucky to have such an amazing time. Now today the party is over and it’s back to work. This week is Ronnie’s Birthday so if you see her tell her happy Birthday!00


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